Friday, September 16, 2016

Blood Tracking Dogs for Sale or for Hire

 This is a photo of Jessie Girl's head after she bayed and fought with,and was repeatedly slammed by the antlers of a wounded 9 point buck at the end of a track. 

We are trying to help hunters? yes! And we are trying to swiftly end the suffering of a wounded animal, yes, and hopefully someone will put some meat in the freezer. 

And... maybe if we are lucky someone will find something that would not be found without our dog's nose, and hang something on the wall to brag about. 

But we are not doing this for the money! 

Why do I say that? Because we are not paid ENOUGH to go into harms way and risk OUR LIFE, and our dogs life!

 Plus we are spending money at the gas pump,EVERYTIME WE TRAVEL to a track and.... we are FEEDING DOGS YEAR ROUND!

We travel over land...

and over water....

and walk through flooded swamps....

we help you haul it out of the woods....

And we have to listen to deer hunters complaining about the "price" we charge is too much?

Ok, I suggest you get a puppy or buy a started or finished dog, from a blood trail dog training facility and you go find your deer on your own, if you don't want to pay us to travel over land, water and frozen swamps!

And on that note, I have plenty of well bred, well raised, raw meat fed, experienced tracking dogs for sale that are bred, raised and trained in a year round program designed to save you time and meat come hunting season.

I am Marcus de la Houssaye and I can be reached at 337 298 2630 if you are serious about being ready to find a wounded deer before you need a tracking dog. I breed, raise, feed and train blood tracking dogs.

Consider the consequences of knocking this thing down and you can't find it without a dog!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Blood Tracking Dog?

Simple answer: before you need one!

Above is Beau Red at 4 yrs old and he is for sale as a fine example of what I have to offer, as he will work for you on or off leash if you allow me to train you to him. He is a finished dog, and I recommend you do not try to re-train him, he is ready to go. Owning a blood tracking dog is one thing, but training and proper handling of a well bred hard working dog during the hunting season is another! And ideally, I use older dogs to train the younger ones.

Soooo, when is the best time to buy a blood tracking dog?

OK, let me repeat myself, but put it another way...

Like now, yes NOW, when you DON'T need one and in the summer time so the dog has plenty of time to adjust, and can get acclaimated to you, your family, the camp, hunting buddies and is comfortable with all the locations, modes of transportation, routine and facilities that come with hunting season.

I am a breeder and trainer of Louisiana Catahoulas for 28 yrs...  above is Val, and below is Cutty Dark, her father on a track covered with snow at sunrise.
                                            Now how you gonna track that without a dog?

I have plenty of blood tracking dogs who are breed to hunt and are trained to serve you, and as you can see below, I also have a pure bred wolf that is a hunting fool! I use Samuel to train the pups along with some of my other veterans such as NALC reg. C Arrow Patch who is right behind Samuel. 

Because my dogs are raised and trained in a blood trail dog training facility, they are ready to go 24/7/365!

And when do I get the most calls from people claiming to want to buy a blood trail dog?
you guessed it!

During the hunting season right after they just shot and lost another one and are trying to find someone(such as me) to launch a boat, drive through swamps and maybe even drive over frozen tundra to go and try to help them... and I have to ask; why are you deer hunting without a dog?

I am a professional tracker for hire during the hunting season which is a large part of my training program... although as you see below, my dogs are not always so professional on the job!

Now let's go back to the future and reflect on deer lost in the past...

 Haven't you lost too many already to go through that again!

Yes, right now in the summertime, when you don't need one does it seem like it is too soon?

And then the funny part is, sometimes it is the same people who called me last year to go find their

 big 8 point of a lifetime trophy wall hanger

 who I asked while we were on track: "Why don't you buy a tracking dog?"

Now they are calling me again to see if I can drive 100 miles the next morning right after they just shot AND LOST another one that they can't find WITHOUT a dog!

And when I drive 2 hrs one way to get there again this year we got plenty of blood and the dogs take us to it in about 15 minutes...

Folks, will please give me a call NOW, and allow me to prepare you to have every opportunity to recover every deer you kill or wound and to know when it is NOT dead or wonded mortally?

I am Marcus de la Houssaye, and I am old school Louisiana oildfield, down home country Cajun and I know blood tracking dogs and big game recovery.

 In the photo below you can see the kind of trophy ranches that my dogs are going to and are becoming a valuable part of a high dollar, big buck high score program.

Here is what my dogs go to during hunting season just a few miles from where I live...

Now folks, what if it is your son's first deer and you have invested in box stands, atv's, camo, ammo,



 bug spray, lease fees, food plot's, cameras, archery, guns, boots, gloves, hats, heaters, campers,

and your boy got a big one down and you ain't got no dog?

Who you gonna call? Or is is too late. You should have bought one when you didn't need it, so you have it when you do need one.

           I am Marcus de la Houssaye, and if you are shopping for blood tracking dogs or puppies,                                                         I would like to talk to you @ 337 298 2630
                                                          I am in Lafayette, Louisiana

So please pick up the phone and call me now while you can, thus allowing me enough time to prepare you for this next hunting season so it ends well as you can see in the photo below, this is the only way to go...

Now, should I not answer during the heat of the day this summer, please be patient as I might be guiding a hot tuna or shark fishing trip, or two... Do ya blame me?

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Blood Tracking Dogs For Sale, Get Your Tracking Dog Now, Before You Need It!

I am getting a lo\t of positive reports of how pleased my customers are about the breeding and training methods I sell.

When it comes to training methods, I say the rubber meets the road during deer season when we got fresh blood on the ground.

And yes, do train in the off season, but you will never make a training exercise as complicated as a wounded buck will during deer season and thus wounded deer will teach your dog, not you or me.

As far as breeds go, I am a Catahoula man but I don't think the breed is as important as the dogs willingness to hunt for you and be part of a team.

And so, like Beauty below who is a mixed Catahoula, and an all around family pet most of the year, when it is hunting season, she is in the woods helping put food on the table.

Too many people want a good tracking dog and don't understand that you need to let the dog to be a part of the family or the hunting club in the off season, and it will be there in the fall.  

 If you buy a tracking dog from me, I am always available for you to call and consult with if you need advise.