Wednesday, May 31, 2017

East Texas Hog Baying Championships 5/2017


The 2017 East Texas Hog Baying Championships Hoyt Ferguson Memorial Friday May 26, 2017

ONE DOG OPEN CHAMPION: CLYDE... And his Owner and; Handler Ms. June Cantrel

                        Photo compilation compliments of Missi Ferguson

 If you don't think these dogs are athletes and are bred & born to work, then think again.
 I love the top picture Ms. June.. ole Clyde is saying "I told you to get back in that corner"!! 
I LOVE watching this dog work! CONGRATULATIONS!! ~ Missi Ferguson

And the winners in the 1 dog are:
1st Place ~ Clyde ~ June Cantrel
2nd Place ~ Gator ~ Steve Lester 
3rd Place ~   ~ sorrry IDK be edited in later

Below are the winners in the 2 Dog Open

Will Seger with Black and June Cantrell with Clyde 

The former Village Mills bay pen in Kountse, Texas, 

now known as the East Texas Hog Baying Championships,

where dreams live and legends and memories are made.

Sorry, I don't now who the dog or little girl is but we can thank Missi Ferguson for the photo


Below is my daughter Christina and her 'Bobalou' 1996 at the boat landing in Henderson, La.

She is not posing, she is working her dog and securing Bobalou while daddy launched the boat to make sure her Bobalou doesn't get run over by the boat trailer or the truck tires.


We came up with a new shirt the other night. "We got crabs at the east Texas hog bay"

Editors note: I will give the last photo and word to Missi Ferguson below:

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Started and Finished Blood Trail Dogs 2017

I am so happy to see so many people contacting me right now to buy a started or finished blood tracking dog for the 2017-18 deer hunting season.

Just like with the hog dogs, most people want to buy a dog at the last minute and then want them to hit the ground running the next day.

But tracking deer with dogs is like hunting hogs with dogs, it is teamwork, and a dog needs to know that you got his back and often plenty of time to get to know you before they will hunt for you.

And it has been my experience that tracking deer works better with more than one dog, and that is why I ALWAYS train 'em 2 or more at a time!.

Now are there exceptions? Yes there is, but when it comes to Catahoulas they are often a one man, one dog situation, and they will only hunt for their master, and no one else.

Now, given time, and with the right man, the dogs that I breed, train and sell as finished dogs will hunt for you. But if you buy a dog from me, I want you to go into it, knowing that you will need to call me regularly and follow up on the years that I put into the dog before you bought it.

So don't come and pick up a finished dog on Thursday or Friday, and want to blame me or the dog if it won't hunt for you on Saturday or Sunday. I have been doing this for 30 years and I spend a lot of time with my dogs year round.

Above a summer time road kill recovery used on the facility to train nre pups, and below working a hard track after a hard rain ...

Especially in the off season, I am constantly hustling road kill to create natural training scenarios year round and given the right circumstances, my dogs will hunt for you come the autumn season. But you need to with me AND the dog before hand to get elite high performance recovery when we got the blood of an old wise buck on the ground.

And my experience is, the more expensive, experienced and better the dog, that is bought during the hunting season, the more likely that the buyer is going to have way too high and very unrealistic expectations of performance way too soon.

And the best way to avoid that happening is to get the started or finished dog at least 3 to 6 months in advance of when you are gonna need 'em! Like right now, in the heat of summer, and let him get to know you, get acclaimated to your lease and be 'your best friend and family pet' until hunting season. Remember folks, tracking wounded and lost deer is teamwork.

And why wouldn't the deer hunter want to buy it now? Often this is because the deer hunter doesn't want to feed and maintain the dog year round. They only 'want' the dog when they need it. So on that note, I lease my dogs out to hunting clubs and 'private' hunters for short term 'fill in' work during the deer hunting season, and the rest of the year the dogs are with me and their family on the training facility...

So if you are buying a dog that has been with me for a year or two, don't you think you need to give that dog a few weeks or better, a few months to warm up to you and accept you as it's best friend and master before he or she will hunt for you?

I always have plenty of dogs for sale, as I own and operate a Louisiana Catahoula breeding kennel and a blood trail dog/hog dog training facility near Lafayette, Louisiana, and I would like to talk to you.

I am Marcus de la Houssaye @ 337 298 2630 or email ...

But please do not send me texts or facebook messages and expect me to answer a bunch of questions.

Please call me or go waste someone elses time playing with electronic messages.

And for the record, I do not have a smart phone yet!

A Blair's Diamond Cutter/Cayenne cross grand daughter

I am old school, and don't have a camera in my old school retro 'flip' cell phone, so don't ask me to 'send' you photos or videos by text either. "If''  you call me and I don't have what you need, I can most likely refer you to someone who does. Some of these old timers got NALC registered dogs that are ready to go on hogs, deer or cattle.

But they are all getting very ornery, old and cranky' like me, and being old school, they don't ship dogs to people that they never met before, nor do they breed and sell to the public or waste time answering questions by text or email.

Let me quote Donald Trump: "Email is for pussies!" ~ Donald Trump summer of 2005...

It is bad enough that I own dogs that are smarter than me, and on that note,

why would I want a phone that is smarter than me?

Friday, April 14, 2017

Is It Really Worth It?

As we wind down the 2016/2017 hunting season, there are a lot of lessons learned simply because we have tracking dogs to teach us what we cannot learn, or find or do without them. And if we have blood tracking dogs we will be called upon by others who don't have a tracking dog, to go places and do things that broaden our lifes experiences.

Such as opening weekend in October, a young hunter kills their first deer, and with snakes everywhere, and the gators are still hungry,

we take off in the rain, in a boat full of dogs to make that hunt a sweet ending.

Is what we go through to make someone's special hunt really special worth it?

Winding, shallow, stump and log riddled bayous that most boats cannot go through or swamp men cannot even find because they don't know these places exist...

Well if you notice the little things along the way, I believe it is worth it.

I have not posted many of my tracks this year simply because people are reading about my joy, pleasure, and success and then attacking me or my clients for some reason.

Just to experience the smiles that accompanied the photos below for instance, makes it worth it.

                                        13 year old Boot's first deer

I like to track from the comfort of a saddled ride, because I can see the dogs better from up here...

And I like to track from a boat, because there is a lot of water to the east and the south of where I live, and I grew up hunting and fishing on the water with my father.

And I like to track from the back of a pick up truck too...

I have also had people ask me to not post their name or hunting locations because when I did in the past, they were immediately over run with 'competitive' hunters trying to 'get in' on their honey hole.

And I guess it is just like when you brag about all the fish you caught at Cow Island Lake last weekend...

Now for those of you that are not fisherman this is called Black Crappie, and for those of you that are not Cajun, we call 'em 'sac a lait'. And notice the fish in relation to the mat on the left and the ice chest. These are huge! 

Now some may scream in contempt of me posting(on Facebook) what was caught at the camp on Cow Island last weekend because the last time I did that the lake was OVER RUN the next weekend with fisherman. And there were guns pulled over fishing spots. I am not making this up people!

I am a fisherman

And the point I want to make in regard to the title of this post is 'Is it really worth all the jealousy, disrespect and personal attacks we have to suffer for posting or bragging about our victories?'