Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blood Tracking Dog Training Facility and Dogs For Sale Hunting Season 2016

I have always had tracking dogs, and raised my puppies up to do just that, amoung other things...

but six years ago, I began breeding and training my Louisiana Catahoula dogs specifically to track blood

as started and finished tracking dogs for sale to deer hunters and at the same time,

I had no idea how much fun I was about to have when I started

  training some dogs personally for me to track professionally for hire. 

It was then that I researched and discovered that it was estimated by Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries that ½ the deer shot in Louisiana were not recovered. 

                         Me Valyrie and Simon on a Sherburne WMA  10 point archery track

I was in shock, because I had never lost many of the deer that I or my friends shot

 because I always had a dog to help me find the ones that did not drop in their tracks and got away.

 I decided I wanted to change those statistics by educating the deer hunting public about the importance of planning ahead to include a blood tracking dog into the overall deer hunting program. 

Many of us spend thousands of dollars preparing for deer season, invest 100’s of hours of our time, and expend a great deal of energy getting to the point of pulling the trigger on a hundred pounds of venison, 

or worse the trophy rack of a lifetime, and then ½ the time we can’t find it because we don’t have a dog to advance the track at the last point of blood? 

Something is very wrong with this picture from my perspective, because I have to wonder why anyone is hunting deer without a tracking dog to start with… but that is just me apparently…

Now if you are just getting started and don’t know where to start, I operate a blood trail dog training facility year round and have puppies, started dogs and finished dogs for sale. 

I am a breeder, dog trainer, and a professional tracker, with 30 years of experience in all of the above. I am also available for private training sessions with you and your dog @ $100/hr. 

I feed raw meat year round, 

and many of my pups first taste of solid food is raw meaty bones...

I have been doing my dog business as a primary source of income for 11 years now, and I believe the most effective and convenient means of getting you and your dog started or get the fine tuning going on a finished dog is telephone consultations to train YOU HOW TO HANDLE and train your dog, because a dog is only as good as the man or woman hunting them! 

I am Marcus de la Houssaye and I can be reached by cell phone @ 337 298 2630

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Why Do Catahoulas Hunt for Some People And Not Others?

Here is the long and the short of it by a great horse and dog man, my friend Jake Loiacano:

"I truly believe this about a dog. You can bs(lie to) a human, but you can't bs a dog. If he thinks you are a counterfeit and you don't have his back he'll leave you hanging, But if he's sure you're going to help him, he'll bleed for you. Two things in this world no one can lie to: GOD and a DOG."

Now I got to hand it to Jake for his straight forward insights about what motivates a dog to go into harms way for us. But Jake is a working cowboy who knows that his work is only as good as the horse and dog working for him.

And the irony is that the dog and horse are only as good as the man working THEM!

As a hog dog or cow dog, not only is the critter dangerous, so is the environment that the dog works in!

For a dog to go into an extremely dangerous environment and face off with something as deadly as a mean, mad moma cow, or a wild hog, he has to know that you will be there for him when it is elbows and knees in the dirt or mud and you will be there by his side gettin it done!

 Hog hunting, penning cattle, or tracking a wounded buck, are extremely dangerous activities that requires courage, faith, loyalty and team work to get it done right. 

Does your dog know that you will be there for him?  Can he trust you to have his back?

Below is me, Marcus de la Houssaye with Bobalou in 2004, a dog who took me through some very tough years and he had my back, all the way. Look at them eyes, is he working that camera or what?

If you are interested in owning a de la Houssaye Catahoula, I am a breeder and a trainer, and I can be reached by cell phone @ 337 298 2630 or email: catahoula1@gmail.com

Blood Tracking Dogs For Sale 2016

It happens every year during deer season, and my phone rings off the wall with people wanting to buy a tracking dog because they lost a deer and want to prevent that happening again.

Well folks, I got plenty of well bred, well trained and experienced tracking dogs ready to go 

Attention Ray: above is Little Bob, blue leopard and double glass eyes, and his running partner Pecos

The funny part is sometimes they call me back again THIS YEAR, when they lose another deer, after calling LAST YEAR and not buying a dog then? What are these people? Window shoppers?

Below is Beauty, a 3 year old, who is 1/2 wolf and 1/2 Catahoula

Below is Beauty's full blood brother and litter mate brother Rocky

Below is Belle River, a 1 year old female with a lot of white(and the white is helpful for tracking at night)

With Belle below is Blue who is a one year old male out of Brown Girl

I am Marcus de la Houssaye @ 337 298 2630,

 I operate a blood trail dog training facility near Lafayette, La.,

 have plenty of pure bred Catahoula dogs for sale, and a few mixed with wolf as you can see below,

I also offer training for you and your dog, and I am available for telephone consultations.

Please me a call for more info and especially if you are really serious about geting your own tracking dog and avoiding the disappointment of losing so may deer again this year!...

Monday, October 3, 2016

Sypris Deer Tracking with Robert Miller

All photos are courtesy of Robert Miller, and this article is edited by Marcus de la Houssaye

Sypris is a European standard size Dachshund specifically breed for tracking wounded deer.
 She has currently recovered 162 deer.

If you need deer tracking services in Michigan or Ohio call Robert Miller at 810 240 4891 

The post below is great example of how having a very experienced and highly successful tracking dog
in the hands of an expert professional tracker doesn't always produce a happy ending. The point I want to make here is that breeding, raising, training and especially the handling a blood trail dog is very complicated and in the long run very satisfying, but in the short term and heat of the moment during deer season we professional trackers, are often overwhelmed by our passion for helping clients find wounded or dead deer, because it is extremely emotional and often very consumptive of our time and energy. The 2 points I want to educationally lead you into is #1. the teamwork that went into this track between, dog, hunter and a professional tracker, and then #2. in the end the tracker used his experience of hundreds of tracks to make a good guess what the deer did based upon deer/geography movement, and it led them right to the deer. That's teamwork and experienced tracking at it's finest! 

Having your own tracking dog minimizes your losses, saves time and energy, and in the long run the dog will teach you so much more about what deer actually did after you bloodied them, than you could never learn without their team effort.

I am sharing this for hunters who already have tracking dogs for education purposes and for deer hunters who are shopping for, or thinking about getting thier own blood tracking dog. Just because you have a finished tracking dog doesn't mean it is 100% of the solution in finding lost deer. Teamwork is essential, and a good tracker will know when his dogs is struggling and try to get creative in moving the track forward. It is important to trust the dog, but also to know when to not expect too much when the dog struggles, and allowing that to use your own knowledge and understanding of deer behavior to back up the dogs efforts and then you guide the dog forward as much as you let him guide you when you don't know which way to go. Once again teamwork is crucial in finding wounded deer. 

If you are interested in owning a tracking dog, I am Marcus de la Houssaye and I breed and train Louisiana Catahoulas. I am in Lafayette, Louisiana and can be reached by cell phone @ 337 298 2630. I am sharing my Michigan friends post in the interest of educating the deer hunting community of the importance of tracking dogs and the challenges in it for the dogs and the tracker. When hiring a professional tracker always remember to trust the dog and then the tracker, and then follow and work with them as a team! 

if you enjoy deer hunting, and don't own a tracking dog, you don't know the fun you are missing until you hunt deer with your own tracking dog ready to go. I have more fun and actually enjoy tracking and finding other peoples deer more than still hunting. Too many deer are being shot and lost simply because you don't have your own tracking dog or a professional trackers number already in your phone book when you pull the trigger. 

Below is my friend Robert Miller's post on the am of 10/03/2016 

 My final track last night was a roller coaster of emotions. 
Through teamwork we found my clients buck. Unfortunately the buck ran off. 
Looking back we should have just left him alone and had my client come back today. 
I didn't get to bed till midnight and I have to work my full time job. 
Learning how to function on minimal sleep. 

and seven hours earlier Robert had posted this:

This evening's track was extremely difficult. The buck was shot this morning. Shot placement was good with a slightly quarter to angle. Buck ran off looking extremely hurt. My client tracked the buck 300+ yards before backing out. Sypris worked the track really good for most of it. Then we got in some wide open woods with pure top soil dirt and she started to struggle. 

After 45 min she worked to the edge of swail and she couldn't line out the track. My client seen blood heading into the swail and we found a bed then another bed, then Sypris started struggling. 

After looking at the land I figured out the direction he would go. We started walking that way and we seen him bedded. 

We got up close to confirm it was him and my client could see a giant hole in the ribs big enough you could fit a hockey puck inside. On the side I was looking at the deer didn't have any wounds. The buck jumped up a ran off. The Hunter didn't have his bow so we watched him run off. My client will go back tomorrow to look for him. We figured out that the rage deflected off the rib and exited out the bottom. The deer is gut shot. We should have backed out and let him lay over night. Gut shot deer need 12-24 hours to expire.