Sunday, June 26, 2011

"I Love Hog Meat" Official Video - Killin' N' Grillin'

In spite of numerous tick bites, I am having a world of fun getting out and running the dogs on hogs.


In about 90 days the deer season opens for most of us.

Get your food plots, camo, ammo, weapons, stands, ATV's etc in order and....

This is a good time to be looking at purchasing a puppy for blood trailing come deer season. Get 'em now and haul 'em to the camp and the woods so they are comfortable traveling and following you around.

I will be publishing my book in a week or two on another site, so be looking for it.

In the meantime let's celebrate our national heritage of freedom and independence and BBQ all that deer meat and hog meat that is still in the freezer from last season.

As the meat thaws, catch the blood and make a blood trail in your yard, or at the park, and work the dog on it. Then when they get to the end of the trail, reward them with a treat and some affection.

The main thing about training a dog to trail blood is get them to put their nose on the ground, and follow a trail.

I am sure you will enjoy this music video.