Sunday, January 29, 2012

Remember When?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Red Stag and Fallow Deer

For Sale: 25-50 Trophy Red Stags and Fallow bucks, also hundreds of yearlings, does and hinds.

A game preserve operator has lost his exotic permit due to new laws, and needs our help to move forward.

He has a herd of 400 exotics in a game preserve that must be transported live or culled.

Does anyone know of a large or small preserve interested in buying Red Stag and Fallow deer for breeding stock?

Culling is a last option. My hope is this is a win, win, win situation.

Of course my young blood tracking dogs will get an amazing opportunity to learn to track in this preserve,

but we want to make every effort to find a new home for the stags, bucks, does and hinds if at all possible.

The Whitetail deer can stay, but the exotics have to go.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

My cell phone is 337 298 2630

My email is:

I am Marcus de la Houssaye a breeder and trainer of Louisiana Catahoulas, and a professional blood tracker.

Welcome to My Wild Louisiana!

Should you be coming to south Louisiana for a visit, I would be glad to guide you on a Louisiana swamp tour. You click the link here for more info.

Headshots Aren't Always A Good Idea!

We do not live in a perfect world and no one is perfect either.

Someone decided they would try their luck at being a sniper and failed. Headshots are not a great idea in most aspects of hunting. This poor animal is a perfect example of it. We found this poor girl inside a game preserve near someones house, somebody shot her jaw apart, I understand these things happen but you can reduce the chance by leaving the head alone. The target is to small to get prefection every time.

We tried calling a game wardon to get permission to shoot her inside the preserve and tried to contact the land owner as well but couldn't reach either, so unfortunatly we had to leave the poor girl alone. I wish there was something else I could have done. Remember I could have faced a nember of different charges, adding up to about $15,000, this is why I left her.

I don't like seing anything like this happening to any animal, this poor doe suffered a large amount, because someone thought they were a sniper, it didn't have to go down like that. I want to try to get the word out there, and convince people headshots are NOT the way to go!

Anyone who knows a head hunter should see this video.

Always aim for the boiler room! Much larger target, less room for mistakes!


I love it when customers send me updates.

This is Roscoe, a son of Dot and C Arrow Patch

"I need to get a newer pic of him . . . he's put on weight and his head is huge! Such a great personality! Thank you for him!" ~ Ruth Brown

C Arrow Patch

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lacy's Trophy Whitetail

Ms. Sarah Stringer allowed her daughter to hunt her from stand recently and Lacy took home a fine buck that scored about 147. To quote her mom: "I've finally started speaking to my daughter again. Took a few days!"

Lacy was on the state record books until the Tensas Parish bucks started coming in this week.

Soggy Bottom Boys - I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blood Trail Dogs For Hire Or Sale 337 298 2630

Hi, I am Marcus de la Houssaye,

owner and operator of de la Houssaye's Swamp Tours near Lafayette, Louisiana

I also breed and train

Louisiana Catahoulas for blood tracking.

I am available to help you find lost or wounded deer.

And, I also track wild boar 24/7/365. I will travel to the Texas state line with my dogs to work blood trails. 337 298 2630

Our preferred fee schedule is $65 for showing up, whether we find the deer or not. And if we do find the deer $150 total.

But seriously consider calling us, even if you do not have the money and let's try to work something out.

We at Southern Blood Trackers Association are in this for the ethics of it.

We will not be able to respond to every call, but we will try to find someone to help you, if we can't make it. I do swamp tours and have a boat that can go almost anywhere in the swamp. But, I don't do many swamp tours from December through February. I will launch that boat, a pirogue or call in an airboat if need be to help you.

There are several factors that you may think makes it impossible to locate a downed deer, such as rain washing away the blood, or tracking across a flooded swamp.

Give us a chance, you will be amazed at the working ability of a seasoned Catahoula to swim bayous,

and cross swamps to follow the scent of a wounded deer.

Just ask Thunderchicken!

Thunderchicken's comment on Bayou "No doubt his dogs are are a few pictures I snapped when he brought his dogs look for my deer in Thistlewaite WMA last year.

When we came to a canal and the dogs swam across,

I thought there was no way they were still on blood but 200 to 300 yards on the other side we were back on blood!"

BTW...although rain washes away a blood trail visually for us humans, it actually amplifies the scent trail for the dog and makes it easier to track.

I have a new edit on the Sherburne 10 pt track we made last month.

What if you shot a giant, once in a lifetime trophy,

or it was your first buck,

or it was your kids first deer,
The photo above and below courtesy of:

and you couldn't find it because you simply did not have a dog lined up and ready to track for you?

Call me 337 298 2630

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Starting Two New Whitetail Deer Blood Tracking Dogs

Here are a couple of hard working Louisiana Catahoula blood tracking dogs.

The one with the blue collar is one year old, and the one on the right is a two year old and they are learning the ins and outs of tracking blood.

Here is where the one year old was at this time last year.

Bear in mind, being born November 15th, her first taste of solid food was raw deer meat and her and the siblings were helping momma clean up some bones after my first track of the season.

A few weeks after that, I laid out some some blood trails starting at or near the puppy kennel, opened the gate and led the puppies to the point of first blood and here is what happened.

They not only put their nose down and followed the scent trail, they crossed the water, picked up the trail on the other side, and kept right on going!

So... make sure they are involved in the entire process, including being witness and beneficiary of the skinning shed back at the camp.

Don't worry about them getting confused on hogs, rabbit, squirrel, or birds. They will learn to focus on the target in time.

For now they are puppies, and they are curious about everything and all the goings on in and around their surroundings.

Take them everywhere you go, and let them smell and analyse as many different scenarios as possible.

The broader their horizons, the better.

Don't worry Simon, you are gonna get some!

If you have any questions about training or you need professional tracking services, you can call me at 337 298 2630. You can also visit my main site at: