Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blood Trail Dogs For Hire Or Sale 337 298 2630

Hi, I am Marcus de la Houssaye,

owner and operator of de la Houssaye's Swamp Tours near Lafayette, Louisiana

I also breed and train

Louisiana Catahoulas for blood tracking.

I am available to help you find lost or wounded deer.

And, I also track wild boar 24/7/365. I will travel to the Texas state line with my dogs to work blood trails. 337 298 2630

Our preferred fee schedule is $65 for showing up, whether we find the deer or not. And if we do find the deer $150 total.

But seriously consider calling us, even if you do not have the money and let's try to work something out.

We at Southern Blood Trackers Association are in this for the ethics of it.

We will not be able to respond to every call, but we will try to find someone to help you, if we can't make it. I do swamp tours and have a boat that can go almost anywhere in the swamp. But, I don't do many swamp tours from December through February. I will launch that boat, a pirogue or call in an airboat if need be to help you.

There are several factors that you may think makes it impossible to locate a downed deer, such as rain washing away the blood, or tracking across a flooded swamp.

Give us a chance, you will be amazed at the working ability of a seasoned Catahoula to swim bayous,

and cross swamps to follow the scent of a wounded deer.

Just ask Thunderchicken!

Thunderchicken's comment on Bayou "No doubt his dogs are are a few pictures I snapped when he brought his dogs look for my deer in Thistlewaite WMA last year.

When we came to a canal and the dogs swam across,

I thought there was no way they were still on blood but 200 to 300 yards on the other side we were back on blood!"

BTW...although rain washes away a blood trail visually for us humans, it actually amplifies the scent trail for the dog and makes it easier to track.

I have a new edit on the Sherburne 10 pt track we made last month.

What if you shot a giant, once in a lifetime trophy,

or it was your first buck,

or it was your kids first deer,
The photo above and below courtesy of:

and you couldn't find it because you simply did not have a dog lined up and ready to track for you?

Call me 337 298 2630

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