Saturday, January 7, 2012

Starting Two New Whitetail Deer Blood Tracking Dogs

Here are a couple of hard working Louisiana Catahoula blood tracking dogs.

The one with the blue collar is one year old, and the one on the right is a two year old and they are learning the ins and outs of tracking blood.

Here is where the one year old was at this time last year.

Bear in mind, being born November 15th, her first taste of solid food was raw deer meat and her and the siblings were helping momma clean up some bones after my first track of the season.

A few weeks after that, I laid out some some blood trails starting at or near the puppy kennel, opened the gate and led the puppies to the point of first blood and here is what happened.

They not only put their nose down and followed the scent trail, they crossed the water, picked up the trail on the other side, and kept right on going!

So... make sure they are involved in the entire process, including being witness and beneficiary of the skinning shed back at the camp.

Don't worry about them getting confused on hogs, rabbit, squirrel, or birds. They will learn to focus on the target in time.

For now they are puppies, and they are curious about everything and all the goings on in and around their surroundings.

Take them everywhere you go, and let them smell and analyse as many different scenarios as possible.

The broader their horizons, the better.

Don't worry Simon, you are gonna get some!

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