Friday, January 27, 2017

Cookie and Jesse James puppies born 12/8/2016

If you are serious about deer hunting, the 2017 season starts right now with a food plot.

I don't now about you, and where you hunt, but I like to plan ahead.

So with that in mind, here in Lousiana we are having a very mild winter and so right now in the middle of February, is the right time to start planting a variety of springtime forage and keep the bucks well nourished as they grow their horns back and at the same time the does have plenty of highly nutritious browse and good cover while in gestation.

Right now is also a good time to reflect on the 2016/2017 hunting season and learn from our mistakes of the past and be better prepared and hopefully a better hunter next year. One of the things that surprized me the most about my experiences as a professional tracker was that tracking wounded or dead deer for other people with my blood trail dogs is more fun than still hunting deer. It also taught me that the majority of deer hunters not only do not have tracking dogs, they do not know how to use or handle them, if they do get one.

For instance always start a dog on a track at the point of first blood. and 'point' the dog in the proper direction to start the track. Yet as a professional tracker, time after time I have had hunters take me to the point of 'last blood' which is the wrong end of a blood trail to 'start' the track!

Here is another for instance, what if the deer below was shot low in the front leg, and was bleeding profusely, but was very mobile. Ordinarily, without a dog, there is no way we can advance the track and keep up with the deer. And as a rule, without a dog we back off or 'give up' and quit.

But, the rules change with a dog, because when the deer is being tracked with a dog, it cannot slow down, and it could not hide and go lay down and stop the bleeding, and it may very well bleed out and die of cardiac arrest before the dog can get to it, if we keep the pressure on it.

If you are wanting a dog for next year, and think you would rather wait and get it later, I can tell you that you need to be trained to handle the dog, and there is an adjustment period that goes with any dog going to a new home, and it is better for you to start teaching the dog obedience now, so none of  that interferes with learning 'how to handle the dog' later during hunting season.

Should you buy a puppy or started dog from me, I am available for training and telephone consultation year round.
Being a professional tracker for several years now has allowed me to witness first hand the dismay of many hunters at the end of the season, who would call me sharing their regrets of shooting and losing so many deer again and again, because they are hunting yet another year without a blood tracking dog. Don't you think it is time we change that and get you a dog?

Now, with all of this in mind, I suggest you plan ahead and consider this...

Now is a great time to get a Catahoula puppy or started blood tracking dog so you are ready for the next hunting season in October, 2017. I am getting a lot of positive feed back from the deer hunters who took my advise a year ago and bought a puppy or started dog at the 'end' of the hunting season.

Above is future blood tracking dogs with their mother and father below...

Above is the stud, Jesse James, a son of C Arrow Patch(below), and a great grandson of Bobalou, Ruby, Diamond Cutter and Camp A While's Abbey

Above is Cookie out of Baby Girl, and Cutty Dark

"OK, Houston, we have a problem!"

"Yes, we got the right markings,

and the blue eyes,

and come from a good family with a rich heritage of high performance."

"But, as you can see in this photo above, a very, very, bad, mean, and scary man has put us on top of a high rise dog house 5 feet off the ground." 

"We were going to some neat new places like the skinning shed,

and finding lots of really intersting smelly new things, 

But, back to being up here on this high rise dog house..."

"It doesn't look good!"

 "We are cold, scared, shivering violently and don't know if we will ever get to feel the earth under our feet, or get to see our grand mother, father(below), or brothers, sisters, and mother again! 

Please come to our rescue asap!"


I am Marcus de la Houssaye, above and below(and the very bad man in question),

I am a breeder and trainer of Louisiana Catahoula Curs and operate a blood trail dog training facility in Lafayette, Louisiana, and I can be reached by cell phone @ 337 298 2630 for more info...

Saturday, January 14, 2017

"I" Am An Animal Rights Activist?

First of all, I want to stand up and salute Donald Trump for standing up to da 'fake news' CNN this week, and putting up wit so much slander, libel and defamation of character for like what da last year? And did he do it to what ... profit from his position of power? Nooo, To SERVE us and make America great again! 

People, he owns 2,500 hotel resort/casinos in 22 countries! He don't need to be POTUS to 'milk' da system! And I don't care if he doesn't want to give us his tax returns! If, he is an American State National, like I am, he is not 'legally' obligated to 'pay' taxes! His corporations pay taxes, NOT HIM! Leave da man alone AND LET HIM DO HIS JOB! In less than a week, the Trump/Pense are gonna blow!

All in one week, I am accused of and being called 'small dick' (for standing up for the US constitution) by the you know whose sore losers, and then a St. Martin Parish(where I am from) Catahoula breeder accuses me of being an Animal Rights Activist? Me?

OK, if you know me, you know that I am fighting for your and my dogs right to eat meat, AND HUNT, and protect us! And I am fighting for your and my right to own, hunt AND BREED Louisiana Catahoulas and PIT BULLS!
Ever heard of: "Love your neighbor as yourself''?
Here is what we all should be united and fighting against in the name of 'fake news':

Please take time to go read the entire article in the link above!

Dey should have killed me while dey had da chance...
Why??? ~ "Because I am comin after dem!"

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
 ~ George Orwell ~

If you want to make someone angry, tell h
im a lie; if you want to make him furious, tell him the truth. ~ 

All truth passes through three stages.

 First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.
 ~ Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher, 1788-1860 ~ 

As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand.

 ~ J Billings ~

This excerpt below is from the HSUS website ~ click on link:…/fac…/hog-dog_bloodsport.html 


~ Uncle Earl’s Hog Dog Trials in Winnfield, Louisiana, has been an annual event since 1995, and is now billed as the "Super Bowl of Hog Dog Baying." 

There are even youth scholarships for the event.

While hog dog trials try to package themselves as respectable entertainment, they are often little more than glorified hog dog fights, similar to other bloodsports like dogfighting, bullfighting, and cockfighting. ~

OK, now dey really pissing me off!

I got da red ass RIGHT NOW, like when I stood up 'for dem loading da chutes' to rig the competition to determine who would 'WIN OR LOSE',

and I put a stop to that bullshit at Uncle Earl's 2011!

 And I haven't been back since because I was warned thay my dogs and my life wuz at risk if I EVER went back! 

Excuse me? The mayor of Winnfield in 2011 advised me that HE got a LOT OF COMPLAINTS from citizens of Winnfield about what went on in the 2 dog bay on Saturday! 

I got reports that long time attendees who had actually won @ Uncle Earl's(years before) were leaving on Saturday because they were embarrassed about what wuz going on in front of 5 judges who should HAVE STOPPED the event because of the pitiful, caught out, terrified, bleeding, piss pour, hogs coming out of the chutes! 

And half of the dogs were disqualified for catching! Dogs that were winning ALL OVER THE COUNTRY were being accused(by the Jezebel eye in da sky, and you know who you are baby!) of 'not' being properly trained!? 

It ain't just me and it ain't because I am a sore loser, OR AN ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST! I care about the Uncle Earl's family, and the sport, and I learned to stand up for heritage, 'our' hunting rights , AND 'what is right' from Jimmy Young!

I am coming back...

And I am coming back because of and in honor of my dog sister and sweetie, Sherry Bando!

Thank you Jimmy Young for advising me @ the Louisiana Dog Festival in September of 1995, that Maurice could win a hog baying contest, before I was a hog hunter or even knew what a hog baying was!

BTW: I took Maurice to Dave and Phyllis Wright Alexander's bay pen in Wills Point, Texas in January 1996 and Maurice tied for 1st palce! He had never been in a pen with a hog in his life, and was 4 years old!

I a Marcus de la Houssaye, 

a proud American patriot, 

hog hunter, breeder of Cutter and Camp a While bloodlines, 

and I can be reached @ 337 298 2630 

 if you are interested in a puppy, started dog or finished dog.

I operate a hog dog/blood trail dog training facility 24/7/365.

I am presently retired from doing swamp tours,

with my dogs 24/7 and writing my book: 'The Last Permanent Resident',

about my life on my houseboat in The Atchafalaya Basin.

Give me a call, I will be glad to talk to you.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Like My Dog - Billy Currington - A day in the life of Snoop

No Deer Left Behind by Kyle Walley 1/10/2017

I have been really enjoying watching all the people who are new to tracking getting a big education in how much fun, how hard and how dangerous tracking really is. 

Not only that, but having your own tracking dog will make you a better deer hunter in time. Why? Because you will save time, meat, and trophies, and learn a lot about why you lost so many deer before getting your dog! And ultimately you will understand how to better hunt them due to understanding where deer go when wounded, killed or just shot at.


Below is Kyle Walley's track that I copied, pasted and edited for your enjoyment and educational benefit:


Toninght I received a direct call around 6:45 pm from one of my friends at #RealSouthWay hunting stating that one of their friends had shot a deer and it wasn't far from my house, asking if I was available to track tonight.

 I informed them I could be at the shot site by 7:30pm. 

Myself and Stuart Walley arrived at the shot site to find long white hair, but no blood. We spread out and continued to work Ledge around the shot site in order to obtain a direction of travel.

 W spread out more and finally after several loops he lined out on the Garmin Alfa, so I followed his track on the GPS and 150 yds from the shot site we found first blood.

 Ledge and Teeth quickly stretched out to 375 and bayed up.

 We made it within 60 yards of them and the deer broke bay stretching out to 600 before baying a second time. The deer did not hold bay long, and then broke for parts unknown. 

We regrouped at last blood, caught up the dogs and restarted Ledge on the deer.

It didn't take long and Ole Ledge caught back up to the deer around 300 yds. From there, the deer  crossed a cutover through a bottom, then straight up hill and into another cut over crossing it as well ultimately losing the dogs in the second grown up field.

 After about 30 minutes of trying to work out of the cut over Ledge lined out on him again going to a road, then some chicken houses and then doubling back just off his original track.

 Ledge tracked the buck to a big pond losing the trail within 50 yards of the water. The dogs worked all around the water coming up empty handed on any more blood. It was approaching 11:45 by that time and the hunter decided to call off the search for the night.

 we were gathering up the search party when Stuart asked; "Where is Ledge?" I looked down at the Garmin and he was about 65 yards off the pond in the cut over and stationary.

 Game Over!

 Ledge had recovered a mans largest buck to date and what a great way to end this awesome day!!!

 Now that's a big 5 point....

This track took 9 miles of dog work as was compiled on the Garmin(keep in mind that's what the dogs traveled while tracking not straight line distance)

 Straight line distance using the Garmin Measure Distance Tool was 2.3 miles

This is an unbelievable track and I could not be more proud of my dogs tonight!!!


Thank you so much Kyle WalleyStuart Walley & your fine tracking dogs for finding Jerry's 5 point! After all those hours of walking & Tim Dyess's briar patches & cut over, my hats off to you & your dogs! Thank you Tim for letting us track it on your land where it decided to drop. 


I want to talk more about a few things like trusting the dog, never giving up, and having the neighbors permission, but I just laid a track out and need to work some young dogs and shoot a video... 

more later. Marcus de la Houssaye

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Legend Wins The High Point And Best Of The Best At Uncle Earl's 2016

Every dog enters the ring with a perfect score and is judged on mistakes. 

Legend didn't make any.

I don't know what he did in the one dog, two dog, and the old and young, @ Uncle Earl's 2016, but he won the High Point Dog and the Best of the Best! 

They don't call him 'Legend' for nuthin! Wow, watch him bay 'em! 

You can't train 'em to do this, he is a natural!!! 

Whoa, what a great hog for the Best of the Best! Notice it never backed up to the fence! Das what I am talking about when I say if you gonna call it the worlds largest or the super bowl of bayings, then: GIVE ME A WORLD CLASS HOG TO BAY! 

And thank you Kelly Lee, for sharing this video, because I can't stop watching it!

Sorry, this the only link I have at the moment, and you must be on facebook to interface ...