Saturday, October 22, 2016

Blood Tracking Dogs For Sale 2016

It happens every year during deer season, and my phone rings off the wall with people wanting to buy a tracking dog because they lost a deer and want to prevent that happening again.

Well folks, I got plenty of well bred, well trained and experienced tracking dogs ready to go 

Attention Ray: above is Little Bob, blue leopard and double glass eyes, and his running partner Pecos

The funny part is sometimes they call me back again THIS YEAR, when they lose another deer, after calling LAST YEAR and not buying a dog then? What are these people? Window shoppers?

Below is Beauty, a 3 year old, who is 1/2 wolf and 1/2 Catahoula

Below is Beauty's full blood brother and litter mate brother Rocky

Below is Belle River, a 1 year old female with a lot of white(and the white is helpful for tracking at night)

With Belle below is Blue who is a one year old male out of Brown Girl

I am Marcus de la Houssaye @ 337 298 2630,

 I operate a blood trail dog training facility near Lafayette, La.,

 have plenty of pure bred Catahoula dogs for sale, and a few mixed with wolf as you can see below,

I also offer training for you and your dog, and I am available for telephone consultations.

Please me a call for more info and especially if you are really serious about geting your own tracking dog and avoiding the disappointment of losing so may deer again this year!...

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