Saturday, September 26, 2009

Deer Hunting Season Is Open!

As bow season approaches I always begin to regret that my hog dogs will soon be bored for a few months while the woods are dominated by deer hunters. The reason I keep my hog dogs out of the woods during deer season is due to deer hunters shooting anything that moves, looks or sounds like a deer. And,,, because my dogs are silent on the track, they sound and look too much like a deer moving in the woods, when I hunt hogs.

What fascinates me about deer hunters is how much time and money goes into the preparation for deer hunting and when they actually wound or kill a deer, they have failed to prepare for finding their wounded or dead deer with a blood trail dog.

I hope to educate the public at large regarding the statistics of deer hunters wounding and killing and then losing more deer than they recover.

Deer are very keen at hiding and do so even if they are about to die.

This leaves the deer hunter at a very great risk of losing a dead or wounded deer that could otherwise be found with a good blood trail dog.

In 1997, Vic Benoit with Knight Oil Tools bought 2 Catahoula puppies from me to use on the company ranch in Texas as blood trail dogs. I will post a write up here from Vic as soon as he is finished composing it regarding the performance of those dogs. He still owns a little red leopard colored decendant of those puppies from Bob and Desire.

After that, for over a decade, deer hunters have been coming to me to help them find deer with my Catahoula hog dogs.

Lately, I noticed a lot of people coming to me to buy puppies to raise them up as pets and then planning to use them for blood trail work in the future.

All of the above led to me starting a new business in my Catahoula Kennel breeding and training blood trail dogs.

I breed, train and work some of the hardest working Catahoula blood trail dogs in southern Louisiana. I understand the importance of a well bred and well raised dog with a good handle. I prefer to work a blood trail dog on leash, but my dogs can work either way. An added benefit of Catahoulas are their ability to scent on the wind, enabling them to find downed game in harsh wind and rain conditions.

You work all year to make sure you have the best stand to hunt for those couple of short months. I am here to ensure you get the game home.

Whether you want me to help you find your animal, sell you one of my blood trailing dogs or train your own dog, I can do it all.

Presently I have several dogs of various ages that will work a trail.

I will be posting pictures as soon as we locate this years first kills.

I am at

Marcus de la Houssaye

337 298 2630

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