Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prepare For The Next Hunting Season NOW!

Your Past Disappointments And Regrets Can't Be Changed,
But Your Future Success In Deer Hunting May Be A Different Story

One of the most common "wishes" I hear from my customers who call inquiring about my blood dogs is that they wish they could go back in time and do the things they never did, such as having a blood trail dog at the camp the day they shot the 12 point buck that was never found, or the day their son shot his first deer and there was a good blood trail, but the rain came and washed it away before they got to the deer, but at the time, they never thought about using the family lap puppy to see if it could help locate the deer.

You know what my response to this kind of complaints is?

Keep on whining about your past,
and in a few years you will whining about the present.

Think about it. You can't go back in time
and "fix" anything. Regret won't do you any good.
And what's worse is that if you waste your time
"wishing" you had done things differently or if you
waste too much time trying to "relive" experiences you never
lived (Mid-life crisis - sounds familiar?), then you'll
be missing out on the PRESENT. So in a few years, you're
going to find out life STILL sucks because you have
been wasting time NOW.

Time is always moving ahead, my friend - with
or without you. So stop worrying about what you "could"
have done. Instead, focus on what CAN do right now -
at this very moment - so that you won't regret it 5 months
or 5 years from now.

One of the things you can do RIGHT NOW is to sign up to be on the mailing list and get my "Blood Trail Dog Training Course" and start learning to handle and train a blood trail dog, so that by the end of this year you are knowledgeable and are doing the things that will make you more successful in the deer hunting game.

Think of it as one of the best investments you
can make for yourself, your hunting club, and for your family's future hunting success.

I don't know about you, but hunting is a family tradition for me, and one that is or should be passed down to future generations.

Based upon my research, state government biologists are proposing that more deer are shot and lost, than recovered.

This is justifiable cause for the animal rights activists to protest hunting in general and lobby our state governmnets to restrict or deny our privledge of sharing this great sport and American family tradition with future generations.

One way to change the future statistics about deer hunting and the shot and lost factor is to begin using blood trail dogs to locate wounded and dead deer during deer hunting season.

Your best option for having a blood trail dog this coming hunting season is to consider using your family pet or the hunting dogs you already own.

And my course, as well the book I am presently writing on that subject, will enable you to learn how to raise, train, and handle a blood trailing dog.

Many people are worried that the family pet will not perform and I understand the concern. But the reality is that the dog has accepted it's mediocre existence as a pet and playmate for the kids and being a sometime alarm system and guard dog
as this is all there is to life, and it is Ok with that, yet it's natural instincts to hunt and be a valuable member of the wolf pack is still alive and well in there somewhere.

All dogs have an incredible power of scent that may be be 10,000 times greater than our own. And in a blood trailing scenario the scent of blood is often the main focus, not that of the bird or mammal that has been shot.

Another justifiable concern is that using a bird dog pointer or duck retrieving dog may get the dog confused as to it's proper duties. I say that a pointer or retriever is already a blood trail dog, because the scent of blood is so much greater than the scent of duck or quail.

I will be offering my course in a online subscription which you can pay for and download from the website as soon as possible. My webmaster is creating the templates and pages as I write this article for this post.

I will also offer a printed version which I can ship to you in a manilla enveope in the mail if you are so inclined.

But for now, if you will email me at, I will put you on the mailing list to be notified as soon as the new websites are up and running.

You can go to for more info on me and my dogs if you like.

If you would like to call me about purchasing a Catahoula puppy, or a trained or started dog, I can be reached on my cell phone at 337-298-2630.

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