Monday, November 22, 2010

A Blood Trail Dog Testimonial

I just got a call today from a hunter who shot and lost a 10 point buck and searched on his hands and knees in a cane patch for over 8 hours and then came back the next day with a experienced blood dog and the dog found the deer in a half hour after he started looking.

Most interesting part was after over 24 hours the meat wasn't good, but the very impressive mount was found and salvaged because a day and a half after the shot, the extended time frame didn't diminish the scenting ability of the dog to do its job.

I will get his story in his own words and post that testimonial ASAP.

After we have given up and gone home, thinking there is no way; a dog can come behind us and save the meat and make it a good day.

With a blood dog you will not only save meat, you will save time. We track visually, and it is very time consuming and easy for us to lose a blood trail visually and ultimately, to lose a deer. Even one stuck like a pig and gushing blood, can suddenly stop bleeding or go to water and start to swim and stop the visable blood trailing, making it nearly impossible for us to continue to follow via a blood trail.

But a blood dog is not hurt by a little rain washing away the visual trail or even a deer swimming often doesn't stop a good dog, because a dog is scent trailing not sight trailing.

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If you like what I am writing here, check back, I should have a book published soon.

And next time you or your friends are skinning out a deer, catch some fresh blood in a bucket or tub, and lay out a trail nearby, then see if your family pet is interested in finding out what is at the end of the trail.

You may be surprised to find your family pet is a natural born blood dog.

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