Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Blood Trail Dog Training Book

I have been using blood dogs for over 20 years, but only began to look at this as a business a few years ago, with the belief that I could sell blood dogs, as in finished dogs. But too many people are coming with the mistaken belief they can buy loyalty, devotion and servitude which is what motivates a finished working dog to function. So, I began to push started yearling dogs with the belief that a step down from a finished dog might be more marketable to the public.

The truth is my most satisfied group of customers and the easiest for me to deal with is the people who want to come and buy a puppy. These people understand the importance of bonding and building a relationship over time, and plan on having a started dog next season. Although my dogs are well bred, well raised, and experienced on blood, you will never get the service I get unless you earn the dogs trust and loyalty. That takes time and dedication on the part of the deer hunter.

Unfortunately the vast percentage of people who call me inquiring about blood dogs already have a dog that is not getting it. Some of them want another dog as a solution, others think another breed my be an option.

I can't analyse their problem over the phone and be certain that I have a solution, but most people are very pleased to have spoken to me and thank me for the information I shared with them.

This leads me to the present. Perhaps the most important contribution I can make to
fill the void of blood dogs, and bring more working dogs into service is to sell information.

As I am writing this, my website designer is working with a new hosting company, and is creating a new template for and I will be selling a book to teach people how to train a blood tracking dog. Starting with a chapter on raising and early training for puppies, then a chapter on proven blood dog breeds, and I will also sell individual chapters for diet, socialization, how to handle the finished dog in the woods, and advanced training.

Each chapter can be bought individually for $3.95 by electronic download, or you can buy the entire book for $12.95.

All you need is a credit card or Pay Pal account and a computer.

I will also offer to ship a printed copy of the book if that is your only option.

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