Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Molly's First Deer

It is not uncommon for a Catahoula to guard the kill until it's master gets there, as you can see below, 

Molly was doing just that when the hunter who shot the deer got there, and she almost bit him!

                               Above is Molly on her first hard to find buck, and guess what:
                               the deer was only about 50 yards from the point of last blood!

  It was none the less hard to find because the hunters were looking everywhere the deer was NOT!

Problem was, the hunter saw ANOTHER deer running off after he shot the buck and swore he saw HIS deer running off to the east and his deer was actually about 50 yrds WEST of the point of last blood! AND NO ONE WAS LOOKING OVER THERE UNTIL MOLLY GOT THERE!

But... Molly went right to it!

                                                             Why did she go right to it?

Most likely because she was BORN IN A BLOOD TRAIL DOG TRAINING FACILITY, and bred to hunt, not trained, and she ate raw venison for her first taste of solid food @ 4 wks, and she was always in the skinning shed when the blood tracking was done, and she got some of the lickings!

The deer season may be short, but here in Louisiana we hunt hogs year round as you can see below!

                                     BTW: If anyone is wondering; that is HER hog TOO!

  If you want to talk to me I am Marcus de la Houssaye, 337 298 2630

                                        I got to go for now while it is still hunting season..

                                Sometime when we are tracking deer we got to swim!

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