Saturday, December 18, 2010

A 6 Point Down With A Good Blood Trail

Got a call from a hunter just up the road who needed a blood dog to locate a deer downed with a good blood trail.
Problem was the blood stopped after about 100 yards.

Got there about 3 hrs. after the shot, and my dog jumped the deer, led us across the cut over, through a dry swamp, across a large hayfield, another dry swamp, and after about 1 mile, going into a thicket where we knew there were hunters on stand.

I then discovered my dog got cut on her paw and was bleeding real good. Took her back to the truck, got another couple of dogs out,
and worked the area around the shot and went on past the blood trail, just in case the deer we jumped(which was really moving) was not the same deer shot that morning.

It would appear that in spite of good blood sign, after six hours down and the fact that this deer moved more than a mile after we jumped him, this was not a mortal wound.

No luck, and tomorrows another day.

If you need a blood dog, I am willing to travel about 100 miles one way, I live in the Lafayette area, my cell phone is 337 298 2630.

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