Sunday, December 19, 2010

Southern Blood Trackers Association

I am pleased to announce that I have joined a fine organization called Southern Blood Trackers Association.

Scott Hill and Remmy, a Hanovarian Scent Hound, preparing for for a track

Southern Blood Trackers Association was formed by Kevin Lang in Denham Springs, La. to promote the availability and ethics of using blood trailing dogs to find lost and wounded deer. As an avid deer hunter, Kevin has for many years witnessed the wonderful benefits of finding lost and wounded deer with blood trail dogs.

The genesis of this organization arose from the reality that most people who need a blood tracking dog, do not know how to train one nor do they want the year round maintenance of a blood tracking dog, and would prefer to call in an experienced tracker when the need arises.

We have several members who are available and on call 24/7 to drive to your lease or club and locate your deer. Also for the first time in the 2010/2011 hunting season, we are legally allowed to bring blood dogs onto state management areas in the state of Louisiana.

We use Blue Lacy, Catahoula, Lab, Hanoverian Scent Hound, and Bloodhounds for our tracking dogs.

Congratulations to Cliff Weems of Walker, LA for bagging this magnificent buck

Not only is it ethical to use a blood dog to locate lost and wounded deer, you can save time and heartache. Imagine the frustration of a young hunter, taking his first buck and losing it all in the same day.

Below is a true story of one such event that may not have had a happy ending if it wasn't for a blood tracking dog.

Dakota was 13 years old last year when he took this, his first buck, and has been hunting since he was about six having taken many does. But, last year he decided he wanted a buck, and started letting does walk by.

On December 23, 2009 at 5:00pm he took this buck, but was unable to find any evidence of a hit, no hair, no blood, nothing, and was getting aggravated when his dad told him to go get the blood dogs, and things started looking up for Dakota.

Tee Boy and Jazz started hunting for the deer, and after about 15 or 20 minutes, Tee Boy started slowing down, and his dad asked Dakota; "Are you by Tee Boy?" "Yes sir, HERE HE IS DAD, HERE HE IS DAD, Tee Boy FOUND HIM DAD, GOOD BOY, Tee Boy, GOOD BOY, Tee Boy". Good things come to those who wait and have the availability of an expert tracking dog to save the day in the end. CONGRATULATIONS DAKOTA

You can get the whole story as told by his dad, Kevin if you go to the brag page here:

I Marcus de la Houssaye, am located in the Lafayette area and will travel to the Texas state line, and available throughout the deer season for tracking services. I can be reached at 337 298 2630.

Ruby, and Bubbles a Catahoula puppy on her first deer

If I am not available, you can contact Kevin at 225 963 0027 and perhaps he can dispatch one of the other trackers to serve you such as:

Scott Hill and his dog Remmy a Hanoverian Scent Hound

Good luck, keep it legal, and please make every effort to be safe while on stand and anywhere in the woods.

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