Sunday, November 6, 2016

Blood Tracking Dogs Midwest 2016

It would appear that deer hunters in the Midwest in general are in great need of blood tracking dogs, as I am getting calls from Ohio to Kansas from new comers who are shopping for tracking dogs, and from my deer hunting friends there on a regular basis, and they all tell me the same thing: most people do not have or use tracking dogs in the midwest. 

I am in south Louisiana where it is still in the 80's every afternoon, but I have bred dogs for you in the midwest who need a tracking dog with a little more fur coat.As you can see below, I have a pure bred wolf that I have tracked with for years and have crossed over my pure bred Catahoulas to make a long haired tracker for the midwest hunting preserves.

Above is Samuel who I bred over my Catahoulas to get the three crosses below. To the left is Pecos a 1 year old male out of Choco, and Rocky in the center, is a 3 year old male out of Beaux and his litter mate sister, Beauty the creamy/white female on top.

All three of the started pups above are very gentle, and well socialized with people and dogs.
All were born and raised in a blood trail dog training facility with raw meat as a regular part of their diet, and perfectly obedient, self motivated and prey driven.

This is the perfect time to go from my south Louisiana Blood Trail Dog Training facility right into your guide service, hunting club, or as family pet and blood tracking dog in the midwest. The red leopard in the center of the photo above is a three year old female named Brown Girl who is more typical of the short haired Louisiana Catahoula.

Whether you are shopping for a long haired wolf cross for the midwest, or a more common Catahoula, I am here to serve your tracking dog needs. For the moment, we are enjoying the great weather here along the Gulf coast and I am thinking this is the perfect time to get your started and finished dogs on the ground and ready to go to work before the ice and snow complicate transporting live animals and makes tracking even more difficult. Get 'em while you can!

I am Marcus de la Houssaye and I operate a blood trail dog training facility got plenty of started and finished dogs and can be reached by cell phone @ 337 298 2630.

If you get a started or finished dog from me, I am here for telephone consultation to help you get that dog fine tuned and finding your lost deer. Give me a call, I am waiting on ya...

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