Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Great Grandson Of Maurice, Alida, Diamond Cutter, and Campawhile's Abbey.

He is pretty spunky for 12 weeks old! But of course, it is a family tradition... 

The picture @ 12 weeks old was right before I sold him. He is now 5 months old as of today, and already tracking blood and recovering deer on an exotic big game ranch south of San Antonio.

here he is @ 3 1/2 weeks old during the Great Flood of 2016

below is Cutter's Arrow, his full blood brother who is a year old now as of 12/2016

here is where my dogs are born and raised which is a blood trail dog training facility near Carencro, La.

Above is the cut over on one side, and below is the cow pasture on the other side of my dog yard...

here is Arrow and Little Bob a grandson of Jesse on a training track

here is Jesse a son of Bobalou and Angel, sporting his neoprene floatation, insulated tracking vest specialized for the swamp tracks

Here is his 1/2 brother Simon,on his first find with Valyrie who are both a 1/2 brother and 1/2 sister of the puppy at the top

Below is the kind of deer my dogs track on ranches in Texas

this is the kennel in the back of my truck and often how we roll in the hunting season

below on the bow, is Maurice and Val on the way to a track in the Dixie pipeline, Henderson, La.

below is three great grandchildren of Blair's Diamond Cutter and this is what we do to keep 'em happy and busy at my house when it is not deer hunting season.  

You want to get a puppy fired up? Let a mean, fresh out of da marsh 50# wild hog eat dere food!

I use Samuel, a pure bred wolf to train pups to track and right behind him in this photo below on a training track in my facility is also a veteran natural hunter with an elite, high performance, natural, prey drive, NALC reg. C Arrow Patch. Patch is the ancestor of almost every pure bred de la Houssaye's Catahoula in my yard at the moment.

Below is Jesse James at about a year old, a son of Patch and Bobbi Girl, and from the last litter Patch gave me before departing for hog dog heaven...

In the photo above is Jesse(on the right) and he is leading a training track and teaching the newbie's how it is done.

The point I want to make here folks is: if you get a puppy, started dog, or finished dog from me, I am not playing around! I breed, raise, train, sell and lease elite, high performance, well bred, properly trained, blood tracking dogs, 24/7/365!

If you are interested in a blood tracking dog for next year, I suggest you get a puppy now.

These pups above will be ready after Christmas and most likely are all going out soon after the first of the year. They are out of Ruby's and Patch's Coco(dame), and are great grandsons of Blair's Diamond Cutter and Camp A While's Abbey, from Cutty Dark, a son of CAW's Cuttin Buck(da stud).
 $500 each ~ all 5 are males

get 'em while you can and I do not hold 'em for you unless they are paid in full, in advance

Now, I don't know if you caught it earlier, but I mentioned leasing blood tracking dogs.

And what I mean by that is, my dogs go to big ranches in Texas and are being leased to hunting clubs, big game exotic preserves, cow ranches, and guide services. I lease them to track blood, for penning cows, and wild hog regulation on a short term basis because so many people don't want a dog full time due to the heat and rattlesnakes from April through September or the year round responsibility of caring for a dog. They only want to feed and use it for the hunting season(when rattlers are hibernating), or in the spring to pen cattle.

 Cutty Dark's Valyrie

If you are interested in one these de la Houssaye's Catahoulas for lease because you just lost your tracking dog and the hunting season is only half way through, and you are in a major bind short term,

 give me a call, I am Marcus de la Houssaye, I am ready to deliver them to you and I can be reached by cell phone @ 337 298 2630 or


In the last few years my dogs bloodline(which is a sister of Val) have been mixed with a son and daughter of Roy Hindes's Jethro(in the photos below)
 on a friend of mine's ranch, south of San Antonio.

My goal for 20117 is to bring the Hindes bloodline into south Louisiana.

Please do not bother Roy, as he does not breed and sell to the public!

Photos below and the story are compliments of Roy Hindes

The photo below and the story, compliments of Roy Hindes and the South Texas Hunting Assoc....
12 24, 2015

Roy Hindes - Everyone on the Empire Ranch thought Tim Garcia missed his deer when no one could find any blood. It rained all night till mid afternoon the next day. Then we arrived and trailed up a buck for another hunter on the same ranch and they asked if we would look for this one. The dogs went down a side road about 75 yards, winded the trail, and found Tim's deer shot right behind the shoulder and dead about 30 steps into the thick brush.


Roy Hindes, I cannot thank you enough for setting the standard that all blood tracking dogs world wide will be measured by. Merry Christmas  ~ Marcus de la Houssaye

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