Saturday, December 17, 2016

Josh Miller and Rambo 12/17/2016

I am getting a lot of stories about the success of using catch dogs to track and put a quick stop on a slightly wounded and highly mobilized situation and if you have the right dog and you are lucky, it works, but this stuff is not for the faint hearted.

Rambo made it look easy for sure, but we could never do something like that without a great dog. Congratulations Josh Miller, and f@(k a leash law, common sense and LDWF rules and regulations dictate that we are to do everything possible to recover wounded or dead deer. And somethimes that includes unsnapping the leash and letting a great dog give it his all. 

Here is Josh's story


Josh Miller 12/17/2016

I love it when a plan comes together.

                                         I had a call come in about a good buck shot at 7am. 

After discussing the shot with the hunter and finding out it was severely quartering away from 200 yards away, and had been bumped a few times while looking for him, I decided to give it some time and got ready by loading up the veteran catch dog.

Once arriving, it was discovered there was no blood at the shot site and where he was bumped there was only a small spot. What was going to make it difficult was it was all in 8 inches or so of water and palmettos taller than me. 

Well Rambo took a few seconds to figure out where the trail went and then the chase was on. After trailing a couple hundred yards Rambo did his job by getting this 200 plus pound 11 point in the truck. This deer was shot in the hind quarter and lodged in the gut which left no blood , you can run but you can't hide. That's what it's about: making a hunters day and not letting an animal waste.


This photo below is of Josh and Rambo is from November, so this is not the first time Rambo tracked, ran down and 'caught' a highly mobilzed 'wounded' deer allowing the hunter to put a 'quick stop' to the chase, and end an amimals suffering...

 And for all you bunny hugger, do gooders who think we are somehow unethical and cruel to be 'running' a wounded deer with dogs, please consider that our blood trail dog's actions quickly put an end to an unfortunate animals suffering and we are not wasting the meat. And if you don't like what you are reading here, I suggest you go munch on a carrot or 'veggie' salad and then unfriend me, because we gonna do what we got to do! And then we are gonna share it here for all the world to see, because it is not practical or ethical to hunt deer WITHOUT blood tracking dogs in the dense, tropical, water logged swamps of south Louisiana. And thank you for sharing this Josh Miller.

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